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Bob Davis - Owner/Manager
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Complete and process all income assignments
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Federal/State Tax Preparation

We Provide Tax/Financial services to our customers year-round not just during tax season.

>===>We Prepare Taxes For:<===<

Individuals, Corporations, Partnerships, Non-Profit Organizations, Self-Employed, Churches

>===>IRS Electronic Filing:<===<

Normal refunds takes 6 to 8 weeks. With electronic filing, generally it takes 10 days for Direct Deposit to your bank and 15 days for a paper check and with Fast Fund (RAL) it takes 1-3 days, with Fast Check it takes 10 to 15 days.

[If you can't pay up front select one of these options and the payment will be automatically deducted from your refund.]

F a s t F u n d
Receive refund check in 1-3 days
F a s t C h e c k
Receive refund check in 10-15 days
F a s t C h e c k D e p o s i t
Refund deposit into your account in 10-15 days

   Have Tax Preparer Will Travel:

We'll travel to your home and prepare your taxes for a travel fee payable at the door:

               Pickup Taxes   Delivered Taxes

Washington,D.C.   $25.00         $15.00                  $15.00
   Local Area:
Maryland               $25.00         $15.00                  $15.00
Virginia                  $25.00         $15.00                  $15.00
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JBDAVIS COMPANY is what you need to handle your business' finances. We'll do the work for you, freeing you up to grow your business.

Some Of The Features We Offer Are:

>===>General Ledger<===<

Handle multiple offices/divisions within the same company

Create or modify virtually an unlimited number of general ledger accounts, vendors, employees and transactions

Enter transactions regular or after-the-fact payroll

Track and compile data for W-2 and 1099 returns

Write checks for all types of transactions, as well as quick check from manual entry, (all using Laser), generated checks with built-in MICR encoding

Maintain up to two years of transactions, including payroll, maintaining prior period as well as the previous year to produce statements and reports from any period after closing the year

>===>Report Printing<===<

Print standard and cumulative General Ledger reports

Print all necessary journals

Print monthly, quarterly and year-end Earnings reports

Print W-2, W-3, 1099, 1096, 940 and 941 forms and state unemployment details

>===>Financial Statement and Graphic<===<

Produce standard type statements including Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows, and various Budgetary reports with any Chart of Accounts

Customize financial statements to meet your specific needs

Create an extensive selection of graphs, which may be used to give your companies an easy-to-read "picture" of your financial activity

>===>Customer Account Purchasing/Receivables<===<

Handle open item and balance forward accounts

Maintain complete customer information: "Ship to' addresses, aging information, customer comments, account history, and summary of sales, payments, credits, and service charges. Track open order detail and purchases

Generate professional-looking invoices, statements, and other documents. Also support a full line of pre-printed invoices

Generate order confirmation, work orders, packing lists, credit memos, payment confirmations, etc

Generate an Aged Receivable Listing report to track and collect on customers' account balances

Provide flexible payment terms with specific discount and due dates and computes on the spot finance changes

Ability to warn if an invoice is over a customers' credit limit or when a product is not in stock

Able to analyze data and provide specific reports, letters or labels

>===>Customer Accounts Payable<===<

Write checks on multiple bank accounts

Display itemized invoice information on check stub

Make Partial Payments

Flexible payment terms for each vendor - - discounts, due dates, etc.

Create electronic vendor payments from company's bank account

Report monthly and yearly totals paid to each vendor for current and prior years

Print a variety of detailed reports for invoices, credits, and debts, including Aged Listings, Cash Requirements, Open Item Listings and more

View all payments made to each vendor

Print discount reports, showing the discount available, discount lost, etc.

>===>Customer Account Inventory<===<

Maintain six methods including FIFO, LIFO, standard cost, average cost, specific unit cost and table cost

Enter an unlimited number of products

Choice of product pricing methods - unit or table pricing

Provide data for reorder levels and quantity for each product

Maintain product type from eight different categories including product, service, assembled product, component product, freight/shipping, discount, non-salable inventory and other non-inventory

Track cost and price amounts up to four decimal places

Print a multitude of inventory reports including an inventory reorder report, inventory adjustment report, cost/valuation report and sales analysis report

>=>Asset Depreciation/Management

>=>Bank Reconciliation

>=>Financial/Loan Amortization

>=>Credit Card Processing. Back To Top


JBDAVIS COMPANY is what you need to handle your business' Payroll Needs. We'll do the work for you, freeing you up to grow your business.

Some of the features we offer are:


Laser-generate checks with the MICR-encoding strip on blank check stock

Process multiple state payrolls (50 states at one time if necessary)

Process direct deposit for employee payroll

Print tax deposit checks or electronically generate tax payments for various payroll taxes

Set up Employees with multiple pay rates, overtime, and other wages and withholdings

Generate W-2s, W-3s, 1099s, 940s and 941s

Maintain two years of payroll information to produce checks, tax forms, and reports after the closing of the year

Withhold special deductions based on amounts or percentages, as well as maintains a limit on the deduction

Process direct deposit for employee payroll

Process tipped employees and handle departmental reporting

Print pay period worksheet, all necessary journals, monthly quarterly and year-end Earnings report, New Hire Listings, Workman's Compensation report and many more reports. Back to Top


What could be worse than the prospect of prolonged litigation or constant disagreement over an issue that could be settled...if only the parties would sit down and talk with each other?

Or, paying exorbitant attorney's fees and court costs to resolve a conflict in which emotions play a larger role than the substance at hand?

Or, a nagging disagreement, which seems to grow larger every day that it remains unresolved?

Companies no longer need operate at less than capacity because of internal conflicts between staff and management or as a result of disagreement with clients, vendors, or competitors. "We settle conflicts that can weaken an organization's vitality and productivity.

We help companies regain lost momentum when partner, employees, or supervisors invest more time and energy in disputes than in productive activities.

Non-profit and civic associations benefit when disagreements, which threaten their capacity to serve their constituencies, are brought to closure amicably and constructively.

We combine traditional mediation and conflict resolution methods with managed facilitation techniques. Our approach takes problems that appear insoluble and converts them into a process that ends in mutually agreed outcomes. We are trained and experienced mediators. Our process is to bring conflicting parties to settlement by encouraging each side to listen to the other's concerns and then helping to develop options aimed at resolving their conflicting issues.

We are skilled mediators producing settlement in disputes ranging from small claims, custody and divorce to community and child protection cases. Our professional experience ranges from business development and financial management to public affairs and non-profit operations. We understand that for settlement to be lasting and durable, parties must assume responsibility for the terms of their agreements and be actively involved in developing the outcomes.

Efforts to resolve internal disputes may be compromised when companies and organizations rely on staff to settle outstanding issues. Independent mediators are more likely to achieve lasting settlements because of their impartial approach to the issues.

Our services are available to families, schools, congregations, and other groups in which the possibility of disputes exists.

Let us become your key to maintaining a productive work place, more livable communities, and healthier families. Back To Top


JBDAVIS Company will create and/or assist you in the formulation of your Company's budget planning.

We can prepare a business plan for your Company - a document that will provide basic information to identify your basic need in creating a new business or changing the form or structure of your exiting business.

We will review your business current and futures needs, assets and liabilities and prepare a budget that will fix you current and future needs as well as your administrative and produce needs. Back to Top


JBDAVIS Company will assist you in paying and/or eliminating your debt by providing you personally or your Company with Personal Bill Payer services or Debt Elimination services.

>=>The Bill Payer services works like this:

We will advise you the set up a separate checking account in your name with JBDAVIS Company having check signing authority only.

>=>You will then provide us with a list of your payment we'll to pay as:

Name--Address--Number--Due Date--%Rate---Balance--Payment--Number

We will agree on an amount to have Direct Deposit (if your job has this type of payment plan) every payday to equal the monthly agreed upon bill payment amount.

JBDAVIS Company will make your Monthly payment(s) in a timely manner. You will receive various reports a Transactions Listing covering each monthly payment, a Cumulative General Leger give you an up to date accountability of all payments made. There reports will be mailed to each month.

>->The Debt Elimination Process works like this:

The same information is provided as above. In the elimination process the idea is to be Debt Free at a particular time in the near future.

We will make, (from your checking account), your monthly payments plus an additional amount to your monthly bill, as we eliminate a bill we will then add that money plus the additional amount to the next bill until that bill is eliminated an so on, an so on, until all non-recurring bill are eliminated and you are Debt Free.

>=>You Benefits and Saving:

You save money on: checks, envelopes and postages because they will be provide by JBDAVIS Company. This saving is minimally $90.00 dollars a year at 10 checks per month.

This service will save you personal and family time and the hassle of writing and mailing checks every month to pay your monthly payments.

With a separate checking account you will save time and headaches balancing your checkbook account, we will provide you with a balance statement each month.

You will no longer have to worry about timely payments improving your credit rating and avoiding those $25.00 late payments.

We will pay all your bills, not just your loan and/or credit card bills (i.e. telephone bills, electric bills, water bills, car/house insurance bills, club bills, etc...

>=> As a Bonus if you signup with us today we will also include:

>Payments to your child(ren) for allowance.
>Payments to your college child(ren) on a monthly basis.
>Payments to your wife, husband or parents.
>Payments to you each month for being the wonderful person you are.

Sooooooo, Start today and improve your "Quality of Life" by adding more time into your family or personal life and keeping your credit rating good with timely payments. Back to Top


JBDAVIS Company will manage you Real Estate, Residential, or Apartment Rental property for any Personal or Company owner(s).

We will collect your rent and deposit the money into a bank of your choice.

We will clean/upkeep the interior and exterior of the property.

We will handle any repairs and maintenance of the property.

We will upgrade and develop the property, with the owner(s) permission when needed.

We will prepare the property for readiness intended for new Tenants.

We will complete and file all tax papers for property.

We will provide owner(s) with a complete and detail listing of all money spent on property, a general ledger for tax purposes, a monthly income statement covering both current and prior months and all signed contracts with all receipts.

We will, if approved by owner(s), have a $500.00 limit on all repairs, maintenances, and renovations. Owner(s) must approve Repairs and Maintenance over $500.00.

We will pay for all repairs up front and reimburse money-spent form the monthly rent along with our percent and deposit the balance in your account. If the repairs are very expensive we may use several months for reimbursement instead of using all the funds in one month.

When we manage your property the owners stay anonymous and uninvolved if they choose to. Inspection is at the owner(s) convenience. Back to Top


JBDAVIS Company will provide training personally to you or to your Company. We have experienced skilled trainers with Bachelors and Masters degrees in adult education. We will provide training in Policy, Procedures, Regulations, Computer interoffice training, Customer Services, Customer Relations, Telephone Technique, and Operation Procedures.

We will evaluate your current Policy, Regulations, Procedures and their impact on the functions and operations of your Company. We will also coordinate a training program on your current operating procedures or the creation, revision or discontinuance of programs and operating procedures for any affected areas.

We have the skills to write step-by-step procedures on the work being done in those areas and provide training to ensure all persons are working with the same procedures.

We will create and develop work manuals to be used as a reference guides in the work area.

We have the ability to write training modules as self pace learning tools. With a series of modules, employees or management can learn any assignment at his/her on speed with 100% success if all modules are completed.

We are trainers - if you have the materials we will perform the training. If you do not have the materials we will create and develop the materials to provide the training. In other words we are trainers and we're waiting to TRAIN YOU. Back to Top


JBDAVIS Company will complete legal requirements for you or your Company's probate estate accountability to the Probate Court. We have successfully completed probate accountability for lawyers acting in the capacity of Guardianship, Conservatorship, Committeeship and Trusteeship to Superior Court of the District of Columbia, Probate Division.

>==>We have completed the following forms for the District of Columbia Probate Court:

>>Form PD-593A, Summary of Transactions

>>Form PD-593B, Schedule "A", Beginning Balance, Schedule "B", Dividend Income, Schedule "C", Interest Income

>>Form PD-593C, Schedule "D", Annuity Income, Schedule "E", Rental Income, Schedule "F", Other Collections

>>Form PD-593D, Schedule "G", Gains and Losses, Schedule "H" Administrative Expenses, Schedule "I", Rental Property Expenses

>>Form PD-593E, Schedule "J", Other Disbursements, Schedule "K", Maintenance and Care Expenses-Distributions, Schedule "L", Assets

>>Form PD-593F, Real Estate (not included in "L")

>>Certification and Order

Freeing up your office workload will provide for a healthier (non-stressed) and more efficient work environment. Let JBDAVIS Company free up your workload today - freeing you time tomorrow. Back to Top


JBDAVIS Company will provide FREE referral service to you or your Company. We offer a variety of services ranging form personal services to skilled services.

How this process works? You call JBDAVIS Company with a referral request and we will have 1, 2 or 3 (no more then 3) Companies call you with estimates and specifics. JBDAVIS Company has no involvement in any work or agreement between you the client and the referee.

However if you are not satisfied with the work completed by the referee please advise JBDAVIS Company, we will review the removal of that Company from the referral list. If there are some disagreement issues JBDAVIS Company will act as a facilitator between the two parties in a disinterested third party capacity until it is determined that an agreement cannot be reach. JBDAVIS Company will then drop out leaving the issues to be settled between the parties.

We currently refer the following:

Landlord, Property Manager, Rentals, Renovation

Auto Repair/Maintenance, Auto Insurance

Resident Care, Child Care, Adult Care

Carpet Layer, Tile Layer

Repairman/Maintenance, Computer Sales, Custom Built Computers

Courier Service

Singer, Musician

Home Refinancing, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Investments, (Stock/IRAs/Etc.)

>===>Food Services<===<
Catering, Baker-Cakes, Pies, Etc.


Limo Service

Piano Teacher, Voice Instructor


Avon, Mary Kay, Jewel Salesperson, Custom Design Jewels

Realtor-Sell & Buy

Roofer-New/Repair, Gutters-New/Repairs

>===>SKILL LABOR (expertise)<===<
Painter, Electrician, Plumber, Handyman

Cameraman, Producer, Script Writer


>===>WEB PAGE<===<
Web Page Designer,

Document Editing, Writer, Typist

>===> WEDDING<===<
Wedding Director. Back to Top


          A minority-owned and operated educational and training business that specializes in providing:

>===>  business planning, i.e., writing business plans,


>===>  proposal writing,


>===>  document rewrite and editing,


>===>  statistical surverys and reports,


>===>  feasibility studies and,


>===>  reports


          When aiding business owners in developing and writing a business plan, we focus foremost on determining the need for the product or service being planned. This is accomplished by conducting a study to if there is a need for the product or service to be offered, or whether the market for the product or service is saturated. If market saturation has occurred, we advise the prospective owner that now is not the time or the market to offer the product or service. If however, there is a need for the product or service, we continue with the study and write up a feasibility report with recommendations for the business owner to move forward.

          After the feasibility report is completed, we begin compiling data and information on the demographics of the market to begin the business planning phase this entails writing the initial front end of the business plan that describes the business, its service or product line. When this segment of business planning is completed, we meet with the client to determine his or her satisfaction with the document that we have genereted so far and to get his/her input, opinion, and approval.

          With the initial business plan phase completed and approved, we continue by completing the front-end of the document, the marketing, finance, and management segments. With this phase completed and discussed by staff, we then request a workshop session with the business owner for him or her to perform an extensive edit, review of the document, provide all information that is missing for final revisions and completion of the business plan. At this segment, the business owner is given as much time as needed to supply the information needed to complete the document, as staff has completed what they can on the business plan.

          After receipt of the missing information from the business owner, staff incorporates these final changes, completes a final review, edit, and profreading of the business plan and forwards the document to a local printer for printing and binding. When the bound plan is received from the printer, all copies except one sample, which the business keeps, is forward to the business owner and final payment for our service is transacted.

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